McNab Ridge Winemakers California Hopland


Rich Parducci is a fourth-generation winemaker. His great grandfather Adolph Parducci founded Parducci Winery in 1932. He entered the industry at age 12 and has worked in almost every facet of the industry, from bottling, vineyard, laboratory to cellar. A 1992 graduate of California State University Fresno in Enology, Rich brings a cutting edge approach which compliments his heritage and the previous generation’s traditional winemaking style. An award-winning winemaker, he makes wines in his own unique style and finds a way to honor his grandfather’s history at the same time. Rich lives in Ukiah with his wife Melinda, their three children.

Alejandro “Alex” Sanchez, the McNab Cellar Foreman is responsible for cellar operations. He brings 20 years of winemaking experience to McNab. Alex heads up a staff of dedicated individuals who pride themselves on excellence. Alex has a remarkable singing voice and his melodies can be heard throughout the cellar. Alex is the father of three young boys and the staff looks forward to the days when Alex brings in his infamous Mexican Cocktail to share.

Charlie “Chuck” Morris, McNab Cellar Master brings 15 years of experience. Charlie, our in house perfectionist, makes sure our labels are applied properly, capsules are perfect and  when a McNab wine bottles ships to a customer, you can be sure it has passed Charlie’s stringent standards. On days he’s not hard at work making and bottling wine, he is a dad of two boys and a Little League coach.