2018 Touriga Na├žional, Family Reserve White Oak

Winemaker Notes

The newest addition to the McNab Ridge Family Reserve line of wines is Touriga Naçional. Planted a decade ago in Brian White’s White Oak Ranch and Vineyard, this variety is a famous Portugese variety that makes both dry reds and their timeless fortified Port wines. While barrel tasting the 2018, Rich found a few barrels that were outstanding dry red wines and decided to separate them out for the Reserve program. This wine is for Malbec/Cabernet/Zinfandel lovers to delight in with dark red and black fruit and smoky, dried spices that tantalize the nose. Pair with any wild game, beef or any rich or heavily spiced dishes like Osso Bucco or Jerk BBQ chicken

Wine Statistics

Mendocino County, White Oak Ranch
100% Touriga Naçional
Barrel Aging:
20 Months in French Oack

Price: $28.00 / Bottle
Wine Club: $22.40 / Bottle